Stand up paddle boarding for 60-plus seniors

Paddle Boarding for Seniors

SUP Senior Fitness: You don’t have to be super-human to be a super senior when it comes to paddle boarding, it’s a terrific way to achieve the fitness level desired. Check out the videos below. Each of these super seniors embraces stand up paddle boarding with a passion for fitness and the fun of learning something new. Try it out and spread the word! You know what happens when you tell a senior friend who tells a couple more who tell their friends… It’s not a senior moment—it’s a movement!

It’s no secret that keeping active is important as we age, and stand up paddle boarding is a great way for seniors to keep strong and healthy. Senior fitness is within reach with SUP thanks to gentle core strengthening through balance, and it’s easy—if you ever rode a bike or kept your balance on a bus, you can paddle board. It’s fun, unique and provides a full body workout at a low impact level—and you get to enjoy it outside, in the fresh air.

Rehabilitation through SUP fitness has proven to help with injury, pain, stress and various therapies). Paddle boarding becomes part of the healing process as it strengthens the muscles surrounding the problem area. As with any new activity, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Grab a friend and make it happen! Joining the ranks of super seniors is as close as the nearest pool or body of water.

Source: sup rehab


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