Spanish drug leaflet sparks fiery debate by advising ‘Crush up your cocaine so it doesn’t hurt your nose’:

Spanish Drug Leaflet on Cocaine

Authorities in the northern Spanish city of Zaragoza have come under fire for a controversial booklet which advises readers how to best rack up lines of cocaine.
The 31-page pamphlet, titled “Drugs: the world, the neighborhood,” is filled with tips on how to use both legal intoxicants, like alcohol and tobacco, as well as more unsavory mind-altering substances like speed, cannabis and cocaine, in a way that avoids unwanted consequences.

“In order to make a sniffing tube that does not damage the nostrils it is best to use rolled-up paper or cardboard rather than piping or other hard material,” the guide advises for cocaine. “Crushing the cocaine finely reduces the risk of bleeding or ulcerations on the inside of the nostrils.”

The guide also advises about choosing different strains of marijuana, and to make speed lines smaller than those of cocaine because amphetamines are generally more potent. The pamphlet was released by Zaragoza’s city hall, led by a coalition of left-wing parties including the populist party Podemos, and handed out among a network of neighborhood associations and youth houses.

But opposition groups including the conservative Popular Party (PP) are outraged at what they see as Zaragoza’s leftist leadership endorsing drug use. On Thursday, the PP filed an emergency motion calling for an immediate withdrawal of the pamphlet and for mayor Pedro Santisteve to be reprimanded for supporting it.

Source:  RT News


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