Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Health tourism will almost double in Spain over the next couple of years, and is expected to exceed 1 billion by the year 2018. Here are a couple of tips for you to ensure a successful visit to Spain.

Customer service

Customer service is naturally one of the most important aspects when considering medical tourism. Until you decide to make a trip with us or any other company, you should make sure to have all the relevant details and information regarding your trip together.

There are several companies who offer medical tourism online, but you should not hesitate to ask all the questions in order to make sure that you receive the best possible service and advise relating to your particular case.

Make sure that you have a person assigned to you with whom you can have contact while in Spain to solve any issues and most important speaks your language. Check out some feedback on the facilities/hospital sites.

Our competitive prices, high quality and multilingual customer service make us the right choice for your treatment in Spain.

Qualified Doctors and Specialist’s

For your own safety and not to be open to any unnecessary health risk only deal with facilities who can provide qualified doctors and specialist’s for their individual fields of expertise.

SixtySomething is a comprehensive service run by highly qualified and experienced professionals that help patients to find and organise the exact medical treatment they need.

Ask Without Fear!

Don’t be afraid to ask for information on your planned treatment, the costs and what medical professionals are available. It is important that you feel confident at all times and can relax while in Spain. We are happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Only deal with people you are confident with and who can provide the treatment you require. Never hand any information to people who are not part of the medical facility you are going to visit.

Aditional Services

Additional services enhance your stay in Spain. Now, you can enjoy the sun and good temperatures on the Costa Del Sol, Spain.

We also offer a wide range of additional services which include, translators, professional companions you may require during your stay and convalescence in a hotel, apartment or villa as well as advice on excursions, transportation, golf, culture, tourism, etc.


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