Contemporary & Urban Buddha Jewelry and Designs.


About Bu Design

Bu is all about Contemporary & Urban Buddha Jewelry and Designs.
bu designs is a unique brand of jewelry and home accessories inspired by Buddhist philosophy and tradition.

When they first thought of establishing their own brand, they wanted to combine Eastern Buddhist philosophy with cool, fashionable designs. We realized that most jewelry and lifestyle designs that are associated and related to Buddhist philosophy were not fashionable and appealing to them.

Whenever they looked to buy Buddha related fashion, they found it lacked certain modern aesthetic. Combining eastern philosophy with modern design was what they set out to do!

That’s how bu Designs was born!

Bu designs combine industrial techniques with classic materials to create a contemporary urban take off on the Buddha. They believe that intent is a vessel for energy, and they use this understanding to encourage peace and happiness.

Bu believe in socially and environmentally sustainable products and use only fair trade, high quality materials, including metal, Plexiglas, wood, polymers and other recyclable products.

Bu are proud vegan!! They do not use fur or leather. 

To Bu, sustainability is essential to creating and promoting the wellbeing of our planet and selves.
There jewelry and home accessories motivate the individual to live a joyous, peaceful and compassionate life.

My view on Bu design!

When Bu first sent me some amazing items which can be seen on my Instagram page i just fell in love with them immediately!

Since receiving my Jewelry i literally wear them every day, I swim, shower do Yoga wearing my Buddha necklace and bracelet and my gorgeous Key chain is with me always.

What i love about Bu is that they have such a passion for using natural products and for promoting the wellbeing of our planet and are strict no leather no fur designers, a big plus for me!

Not only do Bu design Jewelry for Women and Men, they also specialise in home decor, I love these large Buddhas for your home, I can see myself Meditating or just relaxing with some calming music, these large Buddhas really would set the mood in my eyes.

Big bu – Contemporary Meditating Buddha Silhouette Statue and Big bu – Contemporary Cear Plexi Meditating Buddha statue

These are just a few of the stunning designs by Bu, on there website you can see all of their products and share the same tranquil experience I do everyday from my Bu Design Jewelry.

To me it is a part of my life spiritually.


Edited by: jacqueline may webster



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