Choose. Change. Combine


Each EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK focuses on a particular topic related to sustainable mobility, the so-called focal theme.

Local authorities are required to organise activities for their citizens based on this theme. They are also encouraged to launch and promote permanent measures that support the theme.

Each journey is different, but too often we rely on the same mode of transport, regardless of whether it’s best suited to the task. Reflexively, we may hop into our car, even though cycling or public transport may be the more efficient choice.

This year’s theme of multimodality encourages people to think about the range of transport options available, and to choose the right mode when travelling. It invites people to combine ways of getting around, which can often lead to a quicker and more pleasant journey.

Through making clever choices about the type of transport we use, we can save money, improve our health and help the environment – all it takes is a willingness to try something new.

Instead of driving into the city centre and paying high parking costs, why not drive to the train station and complete the journey by public transport? Rather than spending the whole trip underground on the metro, why not get out a few stops early and explore a new part of the city? You may just find your new favourite café! Trying out new ways to move allows us to experience our cities in a different way.

One of the novel aspects of this year’s theme is how it leads us to reinterpret transport, viewing the journey from A to B as a means to enrich our day. The daily bus commute, for example, can be seen as a chance to catch up on the day’s headlines; cycling can be viewed as a mobile gym, providing an on-the-go workout; and you may just meet the love of your life on the tram!

Through choosing, changing and combining we can make our journeys work for us.

More information on this year’s theme can be found in the Thematic Guidelines:

Source: Choose. Change. Combine



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