Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Cryptocurrency mining in Iceland is using so much energy, the electricity may run out

The value of bitcoin may have stumbled in recent months, but in Iceland it has known only one direction so far: upward. The stunning...
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Bitcoin leads huge cryptocurrency market rebound after record losses

Wednesday’s Bitcoin uptick comes despite Goldman Sachs’ prediction that most cryptocurrencies will fall to zero, repeating what other analysts have said about the absence of intrinsic value in them.
cryptocurrency market free fall

Cryptocurrency market in freefall – Bitcoin sinking like a stone

The entire cryptocurrency market was in double-digit losses on the day. Ethereum was down almost 30 percent at $589, losing all the gains it saw this year.
Japanese exchange Coincheck

Japanese exchange Coincheck halts trade, after $500mn crypto heist

Coincheck CEO Koichiro Wada and Chief Operating Officer Yusuke Otsuka said it is so far unclear who was responsible for the hack, how it was perpetrated and what damage has been done.
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin and Ripple News

After meltdown – Cryptocurrency market fails to take off

Investors have been worried that regulators around the world will ban or make cryptocurrencies unprofitable.
ripple cryptocurrency

The Hottest New Cryptocurrency! RIPPLE (XRP)

Ripple Labs, a division of Ripple, has set its protocol in placed which enables payments to merchants, consumers, and developers. It’s payment protocol transforms said payment to work like communications ie. with utter transparency.
wonga payday loans

British lender Wonga’s data breach – Up to 270,000 affected

"We are working closely with authorities and we are in the process of informing affected customers. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused," the lender added.

6 Things to Consider Before Paying Off a Mortgage Early

Directing excess cash towards paying down a mortgage means those funds aren't available for investing. Living debt-free sounds great, and depending on where you are...

Holiday Hangovers: Tackling Credit Card Debt in the New Year

The Fed's most recent measure of all consumer or household debt is an astounding $3.5 trillion, an all-time high. Now that the stockings are...

In Spain a well written will can save a lot of inheritance tax

A decent will can save you a lot of money Question My brother an myself (residents in Málaga) have received an inheritance from my father of...

How to Get Cheap Life Insurance in 2016

Life insurance is something most people don’t think much about… until they start a family or buy a house, and suddenly realize they’re grown-ups. When...

Government plans huge rises in probate fees charged after death

A new system could see some pay £20,000 when left estates worth more than £2m by a deceased relative The government is planning huge rises...

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