The Boomers Are Here to Say, “We’re Not Dead Yet!”

boomers Cast on Sixtysomething

The Boomers Are Here to Say, “We’re Not Dead Yet!”
Premiering May 2018 on YouTube

Hollywood, CA — Looking at television today, the choices are seemingly endless. From mainstream sitcoms, reality shows and popular dramas, to an even larger variety of options available on services like Netflix and Hulu ¾ what isn’t there to watch on TV?

Well, writers Nancy Hendrickson and Sara Caldwell believe that though it may seem like there’s something for everyone these days, there’s still one group of people sadly neglected, save for Netflix’ Grace and Frankie. Set to launch May 12 on YouTube, is Nancy and Sara’s very own web series called, what else? ¾ “Boomers.”

Inspired by the desire of two baby boomers (Nancy and Sara) to show us all

that being a boomer is so much more than reaching the age of 50. Nancy and Sara’s biggest concern for their generation is the lack of relatability on television. “Where is the content that speaks to our demographic?” says Nancy. “Where are the webisodes that deal with hip replacement? Knee replacement? Male-pattern baldness?”

The show aims to bring back relatable content and humor that will not only appeal to the post WWII generation, but to their children and grandchildren as well. Boomers are here to say: “We might be old, but we’re not dead yet!”

Baby boomers are often forgotten as a generation and labeled as uninterested and not receptive to any kind of marketing effort due to their sometimes unwavering brand loyalty. But what makes television producers believe that because boomers have been around a while that their preferences are suddenly nonexistent?

According to the US Media Audience Demographics’ most recent study, the median age of a broadcast television viewer is now the highest ever at 54. In an effort to create the most authentic experience for this unique generation, Boomers will not only be about a day in the life of a baby boomer, but the leading roles are played by baby boomers, as well. “Yes, real honest-to-God boomers, not just 40ish actors in gray wigs and age make-up,” said Nancy.

Featuring actors you’ll remember from shows like ER, Chicago Hope, Family Matters. Boston Legal, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, My Favorite Martian. Quincy M.E., there are relatable and hilarious characters trying to make their golden years a new adventure. Veteran actors Mike Genovese, ex ER star Ellen Crawford, David A. Kimball, MaryKate Harris, Barry Pearl (John Travolta’s sidekick in “Grease”) and Clark Mitchell are joined by Candi Milo, Kevin Duffin, Joell Posey and Jonelle Allen.

    “Boomers” will be exclusively available on YouTube beginning May 12.

How do boomers find the show, you ask? We’ve underestimated this generation. According to‘s  2018 figures, 60.7% of people ages 65+ are on the web. To seniors, the web sustains independence. Eager to learn what the latest trends in technology are and how to use them, what better way to engage this generation than to provide them with a web series that is relatable to their lives. Be sure not to miss the first episode of Boomers on YouTube, May 2018.

Boomers Cast

boomers Cast on SixtysomethingVeteran film, TV and theatre actor Mike Genovese (Al) will play to the role of a curmudgeon coping with the challenges of retirement with adult children still underfoot. Genovese has appeared in many films such as two Richard Pryor’s “Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling” (1986) and “Harlem Knights”, which also co-starred Eddie Murphy, Redd Foxx and Della Reese, and guest roles on TV series such as “The Dukes of Hazzard”, “Star Trek:The Next Generation”, “Family Matters”, “NYPD Blue”, “Quantum Leap”, “Arli$$”, “ER”, Chicago Hope” and “JAG”, just to mention a few. For “ER”, Genovese appeared in a recurring role as Officer Al Grabarsky, where he appeared opposite his real life wife, actress Ellen Crawford (who is also cast as his wife in Boomers).

boomers Cast on SixtysomethingEllen Crawford (Ruth) will play Al’s super cool and patient wife. Crawford has worked extensively in film, TV and theatre, and is known for her work in “ER” (1994), “The Man from Earth” (2007) and “The War of the Roses” (1989).

Most recently, she appeared in “Suburbicon” (2017), directed by George Clooney.

She is married to Mike Genovese (who is cast as her husband Al in Boomers).


boomers Cast on SixtysomethingDavid A. Kimball (Dennis) began his acting career in Regional Theatres and Off Broadway in New York, also appearing in films and commercials before making the move to Los Angeles.

His film credits include “The Firm”, “Rat Pack”, “Hysteria”, “I Know Who Killed Me”, and “K Citizen”. His many TV credits include “American Horror Story”, “Malcolm In the Middle”, “Boston Legal”, “E.R.”, and “Law & Order”. David will play Al’s best friend and band mate, as well as (real life) husband to Carol.



boomers Cast on SixtysomethingMarykate Harris (Carol) has appeared in numerous films and TV series. She had a major role in “Sleepwalker Killing” (NBC/MOW) playing Hilary Swank’s mother. She also co-starred with Will Smith, James Avery and Oprah Winfrey in an episode of “Fresh Prince” and appeared in the Jackie Collins mini-series “Lady Boss”. Her film credits include “Chaplin” and “Cocktail”. Marykate has successfully directed and choreographed major productions across the country, among them: operas (Prokofiev’s The Love For Three Oranges); operettas (Candide, The Threepenny Opera); musical comedies (How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, South Pacific, Camelot, Call Me Madam, etc.); and has adapted and directed short stories (Gimpel the Fool ), ancient texts (Gilgamesh), absurdist “playlets” (Wedding on the Eiffel Tower) and poems (Fragment of an Agon) for the stage. She has also both directed and choreographed nightclub acts, church choirs and magicians.


boomers Cast on SixtysomethingYou may recognize Barry Pearl (Murray) as John Travolta’s sidekick Doody in “Grease”.

He’s also been in many other films and television shows, including My Favorite Martian, Where Truth Lies, House, Criminal Minds, ER, and The Tracey Ullman Show.

He’s been on Broadway, on National tours and both acts in and directs Regional Theatre.​



boomers Cast on SixtysomethingClark Mitchell Long (Kevin) will play Al’s office mate when he returns to work as a college professor. Clark has appeared in a number of short films and TV series, dating back to “The White Shadow”, “Quincy M.E.”, and “The Renegades”.

He recently starred as the Eldest King of Purgatory in the dark Kickstarter series “Verdad: Beginnings” and as the sheriff in the Kings of Leon music video, “Find Me”.



boomers Cast on SixtysomethingCandi Milo (Consuelo) has had a diverse career, predominantly in animated voice acting and musical theater. She’s a twice-Annie Award-nominated voice actor and has created over 350 characters for film and television. She’s currently on ‘Pig, Goat, Banana, Cricket’ for Nickelodeon; ‘Mighty Magiswords’ for Cartoon Network; ‘Puss in Boots’; ‘Wabbit’ for Warner Brothers and is also the official voice of Rankin Bass’ ‘Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer’. She’s best known for performing the voices of Dexter from ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’, ‘AstroBoy’ in the series of the same name, The Flea from ‘Mucha Lucha’, Mrs. Wakeman from ‘My Life As A Teenage Robot’ and Snap and Bullnerd from ‘Chalkzone’. And literally hundreds of others.


Kevin Duffin (Josh) began in theatre at an early age and has performed across the country and the world, including Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, Canada, and Tokyo.

He’s also growing his film credits on feature projects such as “Alien Convergence”, “The Last Summer”, “I Give Up” and “Road to Pecumsecah.”

Kevin will play Al’s floundering son Josh.




The lovely Joell Posey (Becca) is the well-intended but overbearing and nerve-wracking daughter-in-law in Boomers.

Posey’s film and TV credits include “An International Love Story” (2011), “A Mini Movie” and “Vampire Zombie Werewolf” (2010).




boomers Cast on SixtysomethingJonelle Allen (Yvette) began her career on Broadway, culminating in a Tony Award nomination. Her film credits include “Cotton Comes to Harlem”, “The Hotel New Hampshire”, and “The River Niger”, for which she won an NAACP Image Award. Other TV appearances include “Barney Miller”, “The Love Boat”, “All in the Family”, “Trapper John, M.D.”, “Hill Street Blues”, and many more. One of her most notable roles was as Grace, the entrepreneurial café owner in the old west on “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”. Today, in addition to acting and numerous other film projects, Jonelle heads up the New Works/Staged Reading Projects at Saddleback College.


Sara Caldwell – Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Co-Director

boomers Cast on SixtysomethingSara Caldwell teaches digital media courses at College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. She is an award winning screenwriter/producer, with a penchant for the horror genre. She authored Splatter Flicks: How to Make Low Budget Horror Films among other industry books.

Sara began her career in satellite TV, most notably for WorldNet TV in Washington, D.C., broadcasting to audiences in Africa, the Middle East, and

East Asia. Since 1992, she has worked as a freelance writer/producer on hundreds of documentaries, cable shows, educational videos, and online media projects.

Clients have included Discovery Channel, BBC TV, Keller Entertainment Group, GRB Entertainment, Films Media Group and Jack Morton Worldwide.

Sara’s recent awards include Best Original Screenplay, Burbank International Film Festival / Shivers International Film Festival / Dazed4Horror Film Festival; 1st Place, Cannes Screenplay Competition; Best Director/Best Short Film, Creative Arts Film Festival; and Best Short Horror, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

Sara has been a guest speaker at the Los Angeles Screenwriting Expo, the Lund Film Academy in Sweden, and other venues. She completed her MFA in Screenwriting at California State University Northridge.


Nancy Hendrickson –  Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Co-Director

boomers Cast on SixtysomethingNancy Hendrickson started out as an actress with a BFA in Drama from Carnegie- Mellon University. She was a member of SAG, AFTRA and AEA and worked in regional theater, off-off Broadway, commercials, voice-overs, daytime dramas and feature films. In 1991, she launched her writing career, penning more than 50 promotional spots for The Disney Channel that featured a variety of TV stars. She also wrote a sketch for the cast of the Disney Channel’s “Adventures in Wonderland,” which was taped and shown at the cable industry’s CTAM Awards Ceremony.

Hendrickson’s spec screenplays have taken first place at the Austin Film Festival and Carl Sautter Memorial screenwriting competitions and have placed in the finals or semifinals of many others, including The Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship, the Sundance Institute Writers Workshop and the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. She has been awarded four writer- in-residence grants. She was hired to adapt the autobiography of Irene Kassorla (whom Merv Griffin dubbed “shrink to the stars”) by Executive Producer Randy Greenberg (Cowboys and Aliens). Her freelance writing includes PR materials, a radio spot and numerous contributions to Creative Screenwriting and MovieMaker magazines. She is a member of the Writers Guid of America West’s Independent Writers Caucus.  (more)

Hendrickson has written and directed three award-winning short films, two of which she also produced. She was a finalist in AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women, the recipient of a Kodak grant, and is a member of the Alliance of Women Directors. She has taught classes in screenwriting, filmmaking, directing actors and acting for the camera at The Los Angeles Film School and New York Film Academy. She currently teaches screenwriting at California State University, Northridge where she earned her MFA in Screenwriting.

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