A local charity in Malaga, Spain that is extremely close to my heart and needs your support …


A.I.D is a charity that runs purely on donations. It has no Government funding and relies on us the public to help keep this amazing charity going.

I have personally known Joe and Jan for over 10 Years and in the past years have adopted 4 amazing dogs from them and after all these years they still continue to put all their time, love and effort 24/7 into A.I.D

This couple I cannot praise enough, please, please if you can help A.I.D in any way possible please do. I have spent many times with Joe and Jan, experiencing hands on at their house with a cattery, aviary for rescued birds and dogs and puppies EVERYWHERE!

The phone calls daily and I mean all day about animals neglected, hurt or abandoned, the hours they spend in mountains trying to catch pregnant dogs who are either hurt or malnourished, their hard kind work never ends. I have said many of times they should take a break and should be doing what most retired people do in the Costa Del Sol, sitting with their feet up by the pool relaxing, not Joe and Jan, their passion to help these animals is beyond anything I have ever experienced before.

So please, if you can help in any way, please do, because what this couple do out of kindness and love, I really do not have words to describe it.

Joe - A.I.D. President

     JOE & JAN – Husband & Wife

   Breakfast time – Janice with 15 of the 20 dogs at home looking for a new forever home

Feeding Time


Here is a little bit of info about Joe and Jan, A.I.D the charity, their charity shop in Alhaurin el Grande, Charity dinner and dance’s and their second hand warehouse that will be opening soon!

A.I.D. is a registered charity in Andalucía dedicated to finding homes for stray, abandoned, abused animals found in Coin and surrounding villages in this part of Malaga in Andalucía. All the animals are looked after by private foster homes as well as Joe and Jan’s own home in Coin, which helps the animals get used to a family environment.

All the dogs and cats that are very young or sick are looked after at their own home or foster homes.

As well as looking after dogs in their own home they also have a cattery for about 20 cats. A.I.D’s mission is to try to find good secure homes for the stray, abandoned, abused animals that are in the streets, which includes those that have been in road accidents.

At any one time Joe and Jan along with their foster homes can have from one to several animals in their home. Most of the dogs and cats are homed in Holland with a few going to Belgium, U.K and Spain.

When financially able they also try to help the individuals and small charities that are overloaded with animals and lack the funds, so they provide food and medical care. A.I.D charity does not have any paying members and are classified as ‘Animos sin lucro’, which an exact translation would be ‘intentions without profit’. In other words all the funds raised are used for helping the animals and none of the shop volunteers or the charity committee, which includes Joe and Jan takes a wage so they really need every one’s help.

They do not receive any type of local government funding and rely purely on us, the public to help any way we can.

About Joe and Jan

For many years they independently helped animals in England. They moved to the Costa del Sol in 1998 and helped animals whenever possible. A few years later they moved inland to Coin and became even more aware of the plight of so many animals.

In 2006 they started as fundraisers and worked with like-minded people to help the individual Foster homes and the small Rescue Centers that look after and home animals.

Due to the volume of Stray and Abandoned animals they became more involved in 2007 rescuing and homing animals and in early 2008 became a registered charity No. 7974 – CIF Nº G92937002 .


I don’t think i have ever seen Joe and Jan’s front room any other way…


Cold puppies with their jumpers on

Their mission is to try to find good secure homes for the stray, abandoned, abused animals that they look after as well as networking with other charities to find homes here and in other parts of Europe.

They always try to home lost and abandoned dogs straight away. As this is not always possible, they then place the dog (if there’s room) in one their kind volunteer foster homes. Some of their foster homes are in Coin, Alhaurin el Grande, Guaro, Benalmádena, Yunquera and Cartama.

All the animals have a health check and if applicable, they are Micro-Chipped, vaccinated and neutered or castrated. They are sometimes limited to the number of animals they can help, but by coordinating with their connections here and in Europe they are doing their part to try to reduce the amount of stray and abandoned animals and the suffering in this part of Andalucía.

The A.I.D. Charity Shop

Opened on the 26th April 2010

Selling books, video tapes, bric a brac, clothes, shoes and all sorts of household items.
Help us to help the animals

Opening times Monday – Saturday 10.00am – 2.00pm

Carretera de Cartama Nº 34,
Alhaurin el Grande 29120

(Nearly opposite Mercadona supermarket)

Charity Auctions to help raise funds




A.I.D do not only hold charity auctions to help raise funds, they also do regular dinner and dance’s, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas events, fashion shows, etc..

As you can imagine some of these poor fur babies that end up in A.I.D’s care need some serious medical attention, vet bills are not cheap so Joe and Jan put their heart and soul into trying to raise funds to help all these poor animals that come their way in Andalucía hoping to find them a forever home.

Keep up to date with A.I.D’s events and the new second hand furniture warehouse soon to be opening!

On the A.I.D web page and Facebook page you will find lots of ways you can help, by being a volunteer, sponsoring a dog or cat, donating items to the shop or warehouse or by simply giving a donation via PayPal which can be so easily done by hitting the links below and going to the donate page.

This charity run purely on donations and is extremely close to my heart. Joe and Jan are the kindest couple I have ever met, and their dedication, love, time and loyalty they put into helping abandoned, sick and neglected animals still touches me to this day xx.

joe & jan with patch at malaga airport

Another airport run for Joe and Jan

Please remember adopt don’t shop!

All of my gorgeous babies, 6 dogs and 3 cats and a horse, yes a horse, are all rescues and 4 of my fur babies came into my life because of the amazing hard work of Joe and Jan, out of my 6 dogs 2 from A.I.D are in this photo below.

Abby (Mummy) a bodeguero who is on the left of the photo is blind in one eye and I adopted her along with Teddy who my mum took on as it was love at first site, in her 70’s and living alone he is her companion and best friend.

Poppy is on the right, I had a phone call late one night from Joe, a Bodeguero had been found on the motorway in a terrible state and they needed a foster home desperately as they were completely full at the other volunteers homes, she was named Justine, she had no hair from the neck down and was in a terrible, scared and awfully sad state, with hardly any teeth, what she does have are completely broken and must have been so painful.

Justine became Poppy, it just seemed an appropriate name, it was perfect, Poppy has Leishmania, if you look on A.I.D website they can also educate you about this awful disease, how to protect your animals and how its treated.

Poppy now lives a wonderful happy life even with Leishmania, she has a full beautiful Black and White coat and is just an adorable lovable Bodeguero.

What people forget is it is so easy today to get animals back to the uk, there is no quarantine anymore which is now a thing of the past.

Adopting rescue dogs is so rewarding, the love they give is just so special, so please remember the motto:

Adopt Dont Shop!


4 out of 6 of my Spanish rescues relaxing in the uk with me

All 6 of my rescues had a bad start to life especially the 4 I adopted through A.I.D, but with the love, time, care and kindness of Joe and Jan they made it through and was able to have forever homes with me, their ages vary and they have so much love to give, I would not change them for the world and will be eternally grateful to Joe and Jan forever, these guys at A.I.D deserve so much support, so please in whatever way you can please, please help other animals who will continue to need the help in Malaga and surrounding areas.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

If you want to donate to Animals In Distress (A.I.D.):

ACCOUNT NAME: Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)
BANK NAME: Cajasur
LOCAL BRANCH ADDRESS: Ave. General Aranda, 29100 Coin, Malaga, Spain.
IBAN: ES40 0237 0629 60 9165261773
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0237 0629 60 9165261773

Please note that if you donate via a bank transfer we will not be able to reply to you unles you supply us with your your email addres

We are A Registered Charity No. 7974 – – CIF- G92937002

By: Jacqueline Webster instagram.com/jacquelinemaywebster

Animals in Distress Facebook Page facebook.com/Animals-in-Distress

A.I.D newsletter 

The A.I.D web page animals-in-distress.eu





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