Saturday, October 22, 2016

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Reaching 60-years young is a milestone that can signal the start of some of the most rewarding times in life and it is not without its challenges. We have created SixtySomething in the hope of bringing you, the over sixties together in one place to share ideas, experiences and support each other through this exciting stage in life.

Along the way we will bring you inspiring content on a range of topics as well as special offers and deals.

Medical Tourism Spain

Medical tourism in Spain?

STRIFE is quickly growing within the PP. This time it’s over whether regional governments have the right to offer illegal migrants universal healthcare in...

Medical tourism in the city of Barcelona

Medical tourism, also called health tourism, generates a huge added value in cities like Barcelona. The arrival of wealthy patients has an impact that...

Health & Fitness

Healthy Food, Healthy Hearing

Numerous diets and guidelines are universal. With advice and suggestions as to what to eat, what not to eat and the beneficial effects of...

How to make your diet palatable

Dieting sucks. Those who tell you they actually enjoy steamed broccoli actually make me sad. You don’t have to use self-denial to succeed. And of...

What can I do to help lessen the pain?

You’re not sure when it started, but you’ve noted an aching pain running down the back of your right leg lately. Come to think...

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Healthy Eating

6 Food Rules for Marathon Success

In addition to ramping up my mileage during my training for the Tokyo Marathon, I also focused on eating well. And experts say that’s...

Healthy Eating

Many individuals can easily hint their health matters back to which sort they eat. The food we eat is the fuel that powers out...

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